Skin Ecology Booster Serum. Double balancing action on natural skin flora and helps the skin to better defend itself. It stimulates both hits ecological and biological balance. Day after day, rebalanced and better protected, the skin shines of well-being. Its light texture allows for an easy use as a non-greasy day or night cream.

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Numerous environmental aggressions and stress in our modern society have led to an increasing number of people prone to sensitivity and skin reactivity. Our skin balance is too often disturbed and must be preserved to ensure its good health.
True to our spirit of innovation, our specialists have worked on a microbiotic treatment with a booster effect for the development of microorganisms useful and beneficial to skin flora. BIOLOGIC DEFENSE has also been designed for people aged 20 to 50 with a skin imbalance related to variations in the monthly cycle. It allows a biological skin rebalancing.
RELIPIDIUM, derived from biotechnology, is obtained from a modified yeast extract, able to reinforce the natural cutaneous barrier; it helps the skin to fight against pathogenic germs.
ACTIBIOME, obtained through biotechnology, complex providing essential nutrients to the biodiversity and homeostasis of the cutaneous microbiota.


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