Spiral Biotechnology Hexagonal Disk


Imparted with naturally optimised resonance frequencies using Ultramodern Spiral electromagnetic tempering technology.

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Stainless steel Hexagonal-shaped disk (16mm x 16mm), which is perfect for structuring water for enhanced bioavailability and absorption.

Each disk is capable of treating watering reservoirs or feeding buckets up to 1000L.

Directions For Use

Place the disk directly under pot plants, seedling/cloning trays, hydroponic systems, watering reservoirs or feeding bucket

Can be placed under, against or suspended within the water/nutrient body.

Spiral Biotechnology

These objects have been imbued with an electromagnetic frequency, using electromagnetic tempering techniques. The effects work on its surroundings within a 0.5m radius.

The disks can be placed under the pots for plantlets and plants, against the watering reservoir, along irrigation pipes, between pots, under seedling trays, amongst the seeds, plantlets and/or plants.

Organic matter and water are particularly receptive to this electromagnetic frequency whereby it attributes to:

– Greater seed germination and hardening off rates
– Structuring the feeding water
– Increasing bioavailability of nutrients in the water
– Improves the uptake of water and nutrients
– Enhances plant immunity and resistance against pathogens and desiccation
– Reduces the amount of required water to feed your plant
– Increased production and yields (quantitatively and qualitatively)


Every system is different, and it is important to properly incorporate this technology into your systems to maximise its full potential benefits. Please contact our team of scientists and engineers to help design the best approaches to incorporating this technology into your system/s.


The treated objects will be effective for up to 1.5 years after treatment, whereafter their efficacy will slowly degrade to being ineffective for 2 years.


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