Ankh Body Moisturiser 50ml


Our Body Moisturiser from the Ankh (Life) range is created to heal as well as moisturise. Many of the natural ingredients have healing properties. While this product should not be used on broken skin it can assist in healing small scratches and helps to reduce fine lines. It is especially indicated for dry climates and is non greasy.

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We take care to craft our products sustainably – This products come in a glass jar (100ml or 50ml) both of which can be returned to us for a refill and a discount which can be used on your next purchase.

We never test on animals.

Bulbine Frutescens (Organic), Natural Bees Wax, Aqua, Carbomer940, Glycerine (Organic), Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Organic Hemp Seed oil.

To order this product with your favourite essential oil, contact us and we will craft it especially for you.

Artwork by Yola Quinn