Spirit through Nature

We are excited about increasing our research and development of plants with a focus on natural remedies. We work with nutritionalists, counsellors, food scientists, energy workers, natural healers and spiritual guides to create and facilitate healing ceremonies and products.

We aim to make each product from high vibrational plants, minerals, and elements which are grown (or sourced) in a responsible, natural, and pesticide free manner. Our preparations are created through individual consultations to assist your journey of health and transformation through personalised alchemical elixirs gathered from our medicinal garden and created through ceremonies of intent. 

Our Founder, Michael, has been passionate about plants and their uses since he was a child. Forever creating potions and growing interesting plants.

Starting out in the flavour and snack food industry he then moved into cosmetics, fragrances and botanicals.

Moving to the Klein Karoo, and spending two years off the grid on a 1200ha reserve. He used this period to further his knowledge and passion for the natural world around him. Ending his sabbatical in the Karoo he moved to a biodynamic wine estate in Franschhoek. While there he developed a new love of wine and winemaking. His stay on the wine estate opened his mind further and expanded his Wild Alchemy idea. Currently focused on creating a biodynamic and self sufficient healing centre in Joburg.

We are privacy minded and do not sell your details or order information to third parties. Contact us for more information on how we manage personal information.